Ottawa Outdoor Club

Advances for trip leaders: not guaranteed, minimum two weeks notification required

31 July 2017 - 8:00pm -- president
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It is generally expected that a trip leader will make best efforts to have sufficient money to cover all costs without requiring an advance from the OOC.  Trip deposits collected from participants should be of a sufficient amount and collected early enough such that early payments that must be made for accommodation and other expenses can be made from the partcipants' deposits.

If a leader does require a trip advance, such as for trips that require a very early deposit for the accommodation of the trip, the OOC treasurer requires a minimum two-week notification period for the trip advance.  A request does not guarantee approval; please do not expect approval when you make your request.

Per the OOC bylaws, the OOC can have no more than $3500 (Canadian) total in outstanding trip advances for all trips.  The largest advance that can be made for any single trip is $2500.