Ottawa Outdoor Club

Social functions can now be advertised to non-OOC members (executive resolution, 25 July 2017)

26 July 2017 - 8:00pm -- president
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At the executive meeting of 25 July 2017, it was decided to remove the constraint limiting social functions to be advertised only to OOC members.  The following reasons were provided:

  • social functions help bring non-members to the Club
  • not all OOC members read the newsletter.  Some only check the schedule to see what's happening.  Conversely, some people rely on the newsletter.  Thus, the more avenues to inform people, the better.
  • attendance at many social functions is poor, possibly due to the limited advertising reach.

In practical terms, it means that social functions may be advertised in

  • the OOC newsletter (current practice)
  • the schedule, as is done for outdoor activities such as hikes
  • the OOC's Facebook group

As when social functions are advertised in the newsletter, the person organizing the social function can choose how much location information to provide, especially if it is to be held at someone's residence.

OOC bylaw Article 3, Section 9 (f) states (highlighting added)

(f) Social Coordinator:  Shall be responsible for coordinating all social events for Club members only, and for preparing a schedule of these outings, not to be advertised to non-members.

The executive voted to amend this statement by removing the limitation per Paragraph 3 of "Article 5 - Amending Formula" of the Constitution, so Section 9 (f) now is

(f) Social Coordinator:  Shall be responsible for coordinating all social events for Club members only and for preparing a schedule of these outings.

This change is valid until the 2017 AGM.  As described by the same paragraph in the Bylaws, if the vote for this amendment passes, this amendment shall be made permanent; if not, it shall be rescinded.  This will give us a few months to determine whether the impact of this change is positive or negative.