Ottawa Outdoor Club

No partial-year memberships (executive resolution, June 2009)

30 June 2009 - 8:00pm -- president
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At the 2006 AGM, the question was raised as to whether OHOC could have partial-year memberships. The OHOC executive decided against having partial-year memberships at its June 2009 board meeting because it would

  • add complexity to the selling of memberships and would make the job of the Membership Secretary more time-consuming and complicated
  • impact payments to the Hostel (a portion of the OHOC membership fee goes to the Ottawa Hostel)
  • require the amending of the memorandum of understanding between OHOC and the Hostel because of the reduced fee for a half-year membership
  • discourage multi-season participation by people (someone who was a summer member might not bother to come out for winter activities and vice verse)
  • raise the complication as to whether a summer member could go to a winter social event and vice versa