Ottawa Outdoor Club

Day outing cancellation and changes policy (executive resolution, 12 January 2009)

31 January 2009 - 8:15pm -- president
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OHOC appreciates its volunteers. Thanks to leaders like you, our Club thrives. Hopefully you find leading to be an enjoyable experience. Please also remember that participants are looking forward to the outing and many will arrive, wanting to socialize and looking for some kind of outing, regardless of poor weather.

Changes to an Outing

An attempt by the leader or co-ordinator should be made to have changes of level, destination, etc., announced on the Hotline and on the web site. However, because people need time to hear about changes, the leader must inform the coordinator, who must then inform the Web Master and Hotline Co-ordinator SEVERAL working days in advance. Sometimes, changes can also be announced in the Update, depending on publishing timelines, so try to notify the Update creator as well.

Using the Hotline to Announce Outing Cancellations / Changes

The Hotline should only be used to announce cancellations / changes if an announcement can be put on the Hotline several business days in advance. People usually check the Hotline on the Thursday or Friday before a trip; putting a last-minute message on the Hotline, even assuming the Hotline Co-ordinator was able to do this, would mean that many people would never hear about the cancellation/change.

Messages of a recurring nature will be posted on the Hotline for one or two weeks at most, due to the need to keep use of the Hotline as quick and as efficient as possible. The proper place for messages of a recurring nature is on the web site.