Ottawa Outdoor Club

Membership registration - payment options

You have the following payment options to pay for your membership:

  • pay using Interac email transfer
  • pay using PayPal
  • pay by cheque (not preferred)

Your membership fee is $45 less any non-member activity fees that you paid within a week of applying for your OOC membership.

(Note: to use one of the email addresses provided below, copy the email address into its destination and replace " at " with "@".  They're displayed this way to reduce spam.)

Pay by Interac email transfer

If you would like to pay by Interac email transfer, please use your bank's website to send your payment to the Ottawa Outdoor Club.  Use the email address [paymembership at] for the Interac email transfer address.  The amount will be automatically deposited; no security question and answer will be required.

Pay by PayPal

If you would like to pay by PayPal, please select one of the entries in the following table.

Fee Category Fee PayPal
New or renewing membership with no deduction $45
New or renewing membership - claiming $5 reduction $40
New or renewing membership - claiming $10 reduction $35
New or renewing membership - claiming $15 reduction $30

Pay by cheque (not preferred)

If you have no other means of payment but to pay by cheque, please deliver your payment to the Membership Secretary, and please inform the Membership Secretary ([membership at]). Please write the cheque to "OOC".  Please include a note indicating whose membership registration it is (usually yours) and that you filled in the membership application form online. If you are mailing your payment, the address is

OOC Membership Secretary, Ottawa Outdoor Club
PO Box 20003 RPO Nelson
Ottawa ON K1N 9N5

Once your payment has been received, your OOC membership card will be sent by regular mail. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Thank you for joining, and we look forward to seeing you with us!