Ottawa Outdoor Club

Membership Registration

We invite you to become a member of the Ottawa Outdoor Club (OOC), either as a new member or by renewing your existing or an earlier membership. Information about membership and its benefits is available on the membership information page.

The membership fee is $45.  It is the same price whenever it is purchased and is non-refundable.  Memberships purchased now will be valid until the end of 2023.

Fee reduction: if you paid non-member activity fees for one or more activities that are within the past seven days of the date of the activity, you can deduct these fees from your membership fee.

Upon receipt of your application and payment, your membership will take effect.  After your membership fee has been received, your Club membership card will be sent to you by regular mail.

You may contact our Membership Secretary ([membership at]) at any time with any changes to your personal information.

Email contact - Important!

If you want to receive the Club's (usually) weekly newsletter and other Club information by email, please ensure that you select "Yes" in response to "Please email me OOC event updates and other Club information" in the "Send email messages" section below.

The newsletter contains reminders of the outdoor activities happening that week, information about upcoming multi-day outings, and information that is not in the schedule on the website, such as some social activities.

If this box is not checked, you will not receive information from the Club by email.

Payment methods:  Interac etransfer, credit card (via PayPal), or cheque

You can choose to pay by Interac etransfer, by credit card (via PayPal), directly from your PayPal account, or by cheque.  We strongly prefer that you do not pay by cheque.

If you pay using a credit card, we go through PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account.  If you have a PayPal account, you can pay by whatever means PayPal permits you, such as using any PayPal balance that your account might have.  If you pay without using a PayPal account, you need to provide a credit card number.  Directions will be provided during the payment process.

Instructions for paying by all methods, including Interac etransfer, are here.  This link to the payment instructions is also included in the email message that you will receive after you submit your membership registration form.  Please pay after you have submitted your membership registration.

Privacy statement

The information that you provide on the membership form is available only to the executive of the OOC and to people designated by the executive as required for Club operations, except as indicated for sharing with other Club members or unless legally required.  Your name will be shared with OOC members in our member list.  You can choose whether to share other information that you provide, such as your email address and / or phone number(s); there's a checkbox for each.  Aggregate information (with no personally-identifying information), such as the number of people in each age range, may be made publicly available.

All Club web-based information resides on servers (computers) in Montreal at iWeb Technologies, the parent company of Funio, our web host. All membership information is transmitted over an encrypted link between your web browser and the Montreal servers.  We make every attempt to keep membership information in Canada.

When making your membership registration online, only the information that you provide on this page is stored by the Club.

Online vs. paper

We do not have a paper registration form.  If you are unable to fill in the online registration form, please contact our Membership Secretary at [membership at].

Notes for online registration

  • All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory; all other fields are optional.
  • Validation checks are performed on some fields (such as the postal code) to help you submit correct information.  If the information you supply is invalid, the field will be framed in red and an explanatory error message will be displayed near the top of the form.  The frame colour will change to black when you have valid data in the field.  If you see the message but don't see the framed area, scroll through the form to find the area.
  • As noted below in the "Share with Club members" section, we will share your name and, at your choice, some of your other contact information with Club members.  When entering values, such as your name, please enter it as you would like it to appear in our membership list.  For instance, if you enter your name all in lower case, it will appear that way in our membership list.

Version 2022.10.01-01

This field contains the current date and is used to determine if the current date is beyond the "early-bird discount" date. This field is normally hidden.
Send email messages
You must select "Yes" to receive email messages from the Club. When you select "Yes", we will send you the Club newsletter and other information by email, usually about once per week. The Club newsletter contains schedule reminders and information not available on the website, such as notification of some social events. You can ask the Membership Secretary to change this at any time in the future.
Personal information
Please type your name as you would like it to appear on the membership list. If provided, we will use your nickname.
If you go by a different name than the name that you supplied as your given name, please provide it here. If you supply a nickname, this name will be displayed in the membership list sent instead of the name you provided as your given name.
If you think that it is important that we know it...
You must be at least 18 years old to be a member of the Ottawa Outdoor Club.
We need your address so that we can mail your membership card to you. If possible, please provide a reasonably local address. You should bring your membership card along to Club outings. Some stores provide discounts when you present your OOC membership card.
Contact information
Phone numbers
You must provide at least one phone number.
If you have a mobile phone, it's important that we have this number for emergency purposes. Should you get lost or separated from the group on one of our outings, having this number improves our chances of contacting you.
Emergency contact information
It's always possible that we might need to contact someone on your behalf if you should be injured while on one of our outings. Providing the information here makes it available to us if you don't provide it on the activity sign-up sheet and it should be required.
The name of the person we should contact in case of an emergency.
What is this person's relationship to you, e.g., mother, friend, etc.?
The phone number(s) of your emergency contact. Please provide the most likely numbers to reach the person during different parts of the day.
The nearest city of note where, or close to where, your emergency contact lives. This gives us a sense of how far away your emergency contact is, which might help. Please include a province, state, and / or country as you think appropriate. For example, if your emergency contact lives in Perth, Ontario (not far from Ottawa), "Perth, Ontario" is appropriate. On the other hand, if your emergency contact lives in a small town outside of Berlin, Germany, "Berlin, Germany" is appropriate.
Waiver declaration

I understand that any recreational pursuit may involve risk. I release the Ottawa Outdoor Club and its members and Hike Ontario and its members from all liability / damage sustained by me in connection with Club events.

Additional information
What OOC outdoor activities are you considering doing with us? We ask this to give us a sense of the amount of interest in various activities; it is not a commitment on your part. You can join any activity at any time; in fact, we hope that you do!
The OOC operates at cost and is run by its volunteers. Please let us know how you might be interested in helping. If it's leading an activity, we'll help you until you're comfortable leading. Occasionally, the executive might have a question of a financial, legal, or other nature (such as regarding insurance); if you have experience in one of these areas and might be willing to answer occasional questions, please let us know. By selecting any of these options, you are giving the Club permission to contact you by email or phone regarding helping the Club. You are not making any commitment.
Are there other ways that you might be able to help that aren't listed here? Let us know!
Did you find out about the OOC by some means not listed above? Tell us!
Membership information
The Club has an annual membership fee. It exists to cover Club costs. Memberships purchased before October 1 are valid until the end of the same calendar year. Memberships purchased between October 1 and December 31 are valid until the end of the next calendar year. For example, a membership purchased in November 2022 will be valid until 31 December 2023. A membership purchased in July 2023 will also be valid until 31 December 2023.
Are you renewing an existing or a past membership, or is this your first time joining the OOC?
Renewing membership
If you know your membership number, please note it here. It will help us identify you in our records.
If you remember...
If you were (are) a member in our previous membership year (2016-2017), you qualify for a reduced membership fee until 31 January 2018. Our membership secretary will verify this against our records.
Specify the number of Ottawa Outdoor Club outings that you joined between October 1 and October 23 which you paid the previous non-member activity fee of $5. Your membership fee will be reduced by this amount.
Outing(s) between October 1 & 23
Please provide details of the outing(s) in which you participated in the first three weeks of October.
First outing
Second outing
Specify the number of Ottawa Outdoor Club outings that you joined over the past week for which you paid the $5 non-member activity fee. Your membership fee will be reduced by this amount.
Outing(s) in the past week
Please provide details of the outing(s) in which you participated over the past week for which you paid the non-member activity fee.
First outing
Second outing
If you decide to pay by cheque, please contact the Membership Secretary at membership(at)

Please review the information that you supplied above.

In particular, please ensure that you set "Send email messages" (the first question) to "Yes" if you want to receive any email messages, including the weekly newsletter.

When you click on the "Submit" button below, this information will be recorded.  (Please don't click on the button more than once; it can take a few seconds to process your membership registration.)  Directions for your chosen method of payment will be provided on the next page.

If, after clicking on the "Submit" button below, you do not see that web page AND you do receive an email from us confirming that you submitted your registration, please check the email message.  (You may need to wait a few minutes before the email appears.)  It will contain a link to a page describing your payment options.  If you don't receive the email, please contact our membership secretary (membership(at)