Ottawa Outdoor Club

Pre-registration information required during COVID-19 pandemic

Pre-registration is required for all outings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the pre-registration deadline specified in the schedule entry, you must send an email note with the required information to the pre-registration email address specified for the activity in the schedule entry as described below. Please note that the pre-registration email address is sometimes different than the leader's email address. You will be informed whether or not you can participate in the outing (likely due to limitations on the group size).

  • your response to this health-screening questionnaire regarding your current status regarding COVID-19
  • your email address and your telephone number (mobile # preferred)
    • these are collected to help the public health authorities with contact tracing should a participant be diagnosed with COVID-19 over the 14 days following the outing
  • your emergency contact's name and telephone number
    • these are collected in the unlikely event that you fall ill or are injured during the outing such that you cannot contact others yourself
    • if you don't have an emergency contact, please specifically state that you have no emergency contact
  • if you are coming by transit, so we know to specifically watch for you
  • whether you are an OOC member or not
  • if you are not an OOC member, copy and paste the following waiver statement into your email note and state that you accept the waiver:

    "I understand that there can be risks associated with any recreational pursuit and hereby release the Ottawa Outdoor Club and its members and Hike Ontario and its members from all liability and damage sustained by me in connection with this event. I agree to wear a life jacket or PFD at all times while on the water in a canoe or similar watercraft with the OOC."

  • if you will have people under the age of 18 with you, you are responsible for them.  Please include the following information for each:
    • name
    • age
    • your response on their behalf to the same COVID-19 questions