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Pay using PayPal

Use PayPal to pay for...

As a trip leader, you must forward to the Club the fees that you collect from participants. The Club charges fees for the following:

  • non-member activity fees
  • rental of some equipment

You can either send a cheque to the treasurer, pay by Interac email transfer, or you can pay by PayPal. This page tells you how to pay by PayPal.

How to make a payment

Each time you click on an Add to Cart button, your PayPal shopping cart will be displayed. There, you can adjust quantities of any chosen items. When you view the cart or checkout, you will be taken to the PayPal page, where you will have the opportunity to adjust / correct the quantity. We recommend selecting one of each of the payment types you need to make and then adjusting the quantities when you check out.

To handle the case where someone might have given you the incorrect amount, you can make an adjustment. For instance, if someone gave you $11 instead of $10, use the Incremental adjustment item to adjust the amount accordingly.

All financial transactions occur on PayPal's secure site. No credit card or contact information is seen by or recorded on the Club's site. PayPal will notify the treasurer once the transaction has completed successfully.


As an example, if you collected non-member fees from 6 people at $10 / person and 3 people rented snowshoes at $3 / pair, but one of the snowshoe renters gave you $5 for the snowshoes, do the following:

  • click on the Add to Cart button for Single-day activity; on the PayPal cart page displayed, increase the quantity to 6 and return to this page
  • click on the Add to Cart button for Snowshoe rental; on the page displayed, increase the quantity to 3 and return to this page
  • click on the Add to Cart button for Incremental adjustment; on the page displayed, increase the quantity to 2
  • still on the PayPal cart page, adjust the quantity for the
    • Single-day activity to 6
    • Snowshoe rental to 3
    • Incremental adjustment to 2
  • click on one of the Check Out buttons to make your payment

Make a payment

Click or tap on one or more of the buttons below to add the fees to the cart or to check out.

Item description Unit price  
Fees that apply only to non-members
  Activity fee
  Single-day activity $10.00
  Multi-day activity $20.00
Fees that apply to everyone as appropriate
  Snowshoe rental (single- or multi-day) $3.00
  Canoe usage fee - no charge for evenings
  Single-day usage (one person) $5.00
  Single-day usage (whole canoe) $10.00
  Multi-day usage $20.00
Incremental adjustment $1.00
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