Ottawa Outdoor Club

Treasurer's Report: Louise Hale - 2012 AGM

  1. The budget for 2012 and proposed budget for 2013 was presented. This past year we expected a surplus as we have been accumulating funds toward the Online Payment project and we ended up with a surplus. A great deal of discussion at executive meetings about advertising initiatives has gone on but no money has been spent this financial year. The new business cards and the ‘T’ shirts will be paid for out of the 2013 budget. There was no demand for training & development in 2012 which is why only $80 of the budgeted $600 was spent.
  2. The current bank balance for the club is $13,571.80.
  3. It was noted that there is a charge made by PayPal on each transaction and this needs to be added to the budget (? under ON-Line Membership project-200 members*(2.9%*$40) =200*$1.16=$232) and then can be shown as an expense on the spreadsheet. The new treasurer will implement this change.
  4. It is proposed that there be no change to the annual membership fee of $40.00.
  5. Many thanks to Adam Han for all his work as treasurer between October 2011 and July 2012 and to Raynald Charest for his assistance with Excel!!!


Louise Hale