Ottawa Outdoor Club

Activity Report: Cycling Co-ordinator, Paula Tozer - 2012 AGM

Season: April 14, 2012 to September 29, 2012.

Day trips:  19

Weekend trips:  2 - Sandbanks and Kingston (Wolfe Island)

Number of Participants: Between 3 – 10, average of 5- 8


OOC had a successful cycling season with day trips scheduled most Saturdays and two weekend trips. The weather cooperated for the most part. There were no participants for the first day trip on April 14 and the day trip September 22 had to be postponed due to poor weather.

Finding leaders continues to be a challenge.  I was able to fill gaps in the schedule myself by leading 7 day trips and co-leading the day trip to Morrisburg.

I am pleased that the traditional cycling trip to Prince Edward County was offered Labour Day weekend and was well attended.

A copy of season trip schedule is attached.  [Not available]


The early spring in 2012 prompted some pressure to begin the cycling season early.  However while I was able to schedule a trip for April 14, but there were no participants.  I would not recommend to start the cycling season before early May.


I would like to thank all of the leaders who volunteered their time to lead cycling activities. However special thanks to Hilary Seddon and Helen Apouchtine who each lead a weekend trip and a day trip. Also, special thanks to Raynald Charest who along with his duties as Club President led 4 day trips.  

Also, a big thanks to Rob Burnfield for keeping the web site up to date.

Prepared by:

Paula Tozer
OOC Cycling Coordinator (October 18, 2012)