Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2011 AGM - Tuesday, 1 November 2011

7:00 pm, Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa—Second Floor

Executives Present

Raynald Charest - President
Jim Burgess - Vice-president
Adam Han - Treasurer
Jivka Kirilova - Executive Secretary
Christa Ross - Membership Secretary
Kevin Marshall-Lafleche - Equipment Coordinator
Eddie Drueding - Hiking Coordinator
Paula Tozer - Cycling Coordinator
Sophie Gabard - Skiing Coordinator

Members Present

25 members present in total including the executives

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7h15 PM.

2010 AGM Minutes Approval

Motion by David Houtman to approve the AGM 2010 minutes with an amendment applied to the outcome to Motion #5 from the 2010 AGM. The motion #5 from 2010 AGM should read: "Failed". The motion to approve the 2010 AGM with the amendment was seconded by Sophie Gabard. Carried.

President's Report

A brief report provided by the President:

  • Move to Trailhead: Leaving the hostel and finding another suitable location was a time consuming task for the Executive over the past year. Leaving the hostel was not a forecast activity until it became apparent in March that we would be unable to afford the rent increase that they were requesting at the end of our past MOU (Sept 2010). The Executive investigated a number of possible locations and were very pleased to move our location to Trailhead effective September 2010. We think that this arrangement will be mutually beneficial and will be a good arrangement for the Ottawa Outdoor Club for years to come.
  • A number of members of the Executive and other individuals devoted a significant amount of time to investigating possible locations and making the move to Trailhead a reality. In particular, on behalf of the Executive and members, I would like to publicly thank Jim Burgess for his efforts in acting as a liaison between the club Executive and Trailhead management and negotiating the terms and conditions of our new arrangement.
  • Last year, the club invested in subsidizing a couple of members to participate in First Aid for the Outdoors training. We plan to subsidize a few more members for First Aid for the Outdoors training in the coming year as well as well as to offer some form of Leadership training for trip leaders. We hope that this will help us to develop more trip leaders for day and weekend trips.

Treasurer's report:

  • This past year, we expected a small deficit, but we ended up with a small surplus.
  • Revenues: We have 208 members instead of 236. Last year, in 2008-09, non-renewals received a phone call. This allowed us to keep most of the people who had forgotten to renew or were thinking of leaving the club. This explains the lower revenues from membership.
  • Overall, expenses were lower than expected. We spent Nil on equipment and training. We advertized only through the Bytowne and our insurance policy costs did not increase — it was expected to increase a bit. There are two parts to insurance: protection of participants, and liability for executive members.
  • A correction will be made as web hosting costs will increase this year. $210 should be earmarked instead of $125.
  • Proposal in 2010-11 for a one-time expenditure: online application tool would cost $1,100 to develop, plus $2.50 per transaction. The on-line application tool would reduce errors and membership secretary workload, and to a lesser extent, the treasurer's workload.
  • If the 'On-Line Project' is accepted, the projected deficit is $1,650. Therefore, the treasurer proposes a $5 increase in membership fees. Membership cost would be $40 and would include the transaction fee. The projected deficit would still be $500.

Activity Reports

Brief activity reports were presented as follows:

  • Vice-president and Snowshoeing Coordinator — Jim Burgess
  • Hiking Coordinator - Eddie Drueding
  • Cycling Coordinator — Paula Tozer
  • Canoeing Coordinator — Tara Conroy. Due to family duties, she was absent from the meeting. Her report was read by the president of the club.
  • Skiing Coordinator - Sophie Gabard
  • Equipment Coordinator - Kevin Marshall-Laflèche
  • Membership Secretary - Christa Ross. She reported there were 186 members of the club.

Approval of 2012 Budget

Motion by Ken Zimmerman to approve the budget with the following amendment: an agreement to allocate $750 from the budget to pay a rental fee to Jim Burgess for hosting the canoes and equipment at his property. The motion was seconded by Jim Fraser. Carried.

Motion by Eddie Drueding with an amendment to the budget that reads as follows: decrease the annual membership fee to $35. Seconded by Shirley Nelson. Failed.

Constitutional Amendments

All the motions to amend the constitution were read by David Houtman.

#1: Motion by Ken Zimmerman, seconded by Tim Crook reads: Carried.
  "The petitioner shall pay any cost incurred for holding the special meeting.  If they wish to be reimbursed by the Club, they should, at that meeting, present proof of expenses incurred for all reasonable costs up to a total of $100. Approval shall be granted subject to a majority vote of the quorum present."
#2: Motion by Raynald Charest, seconded by Rob Burnfield reads: Carried.

"To add the following to Article 2 Section 4

(c) Members must be present in order to vote."

#3: Motion by Rob Burnfield, seconded by Jim Fraser reads: Carried.
  "To remove (b), and in (d) make the membership coordinator responsible only for the quarterly mail-out of the membership list. Article 3, Section 7 would therefore be changed to read:

(a) The Membership Secretary shall keep the database of membership up-to-date and shall mail membership cards.

(b) The Membership Secretary shall deal with the problems and concerns of the membership.

(c) The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for the quarterly sending of membership lists"

#4: Motion by Mary Hicks, seconded by Eddie Drueding reads: Carried.
  "To remove "who opts to be on the executive" in Article 3, Section 2."
#5: Motion by Ken Zimmerman, seconded by Jim Burgess reads: Carried.
  "To replace the current Article 5 Section 2(b) with:

"The result of any decision made by the executive, or subcommittees thereof, that changes Club policy, procedures or guidelines shall be reported in the next distribution of club news to members, by email and on the Club website."

#6: Motion by Rob Burnfield, seconded by Tim Crook reads: Carried.

"To drop all references to the term 'annual' when used in conjunction with 'member' and 'membership'. This occurs at the following locations in the Constitution/Bylaws as of Sept. 1, 2011:

  • Constitution, Article 5: "A quorum of least 8 members or 5% of the annual membership, whichever is greater. must be present for the membership meeting to consider an amendment to the Constitution."
  • Bylaws, Article 1, Section 1(a): "Annual membership shall be open to any person 18 or more years of age with a sincere interest in outdoor recreational activities."
  • Bylaws, Article 1, Section 2(a): "Annual membership fees and day fees will be decided by a quorum at the Annual General Meeting."
  • Bylaws, Article 1, Section 2(b): "Annual membership fees shall be payable to the Club by cheque after being set at the AGM in October and sent to the current treasurer. Annual membership paid between the AGM and December 31 will be effective from the date of payment until December 31 of the following year."
  • Bylaws, Article 2, Section 2: "The petitioners shall pay the cost of giving notice unless reimbursement is approved by a majority of annual members at the meeting."
  • Bylaws, Article 2, Section 4(a): "Voting is restricted to annual members in good standing as of 7 days before the meeting."
  • Bylaws, Article 3, Section 1: "All offices shall be open to any annual member"
  • Bylaws, Article 3, Section 2: "The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Equipment Officer, and any activity coordinator who opts to be on the executive shall be elected at the AGM by those annual members attending the meeting."
#7: Motion read by David Houtman on behalf of Leo Kerner: Failed.
  By-law Section 1(b) subsection (B) and (C) are changed from their current text:

(A) Investigation of the matter including verification of the details related to the accusations made;

(B) Communicating to the accused member the allegations against him/her; and

(C) By a majority of the voting members of the executive, take an appropriate response, which may include, but is not limited to: warning, reprimand, limiting access to equipment, or outright expulsion with return of membership fees.


(A) Investigation of the matter including verification of the details related to the accusations made;

(B) Communicating to the accused member the allegations against him/her and the results of the investigation referred to in (A) above. The accused member can then request. within seven days, a hearing before the executive, which will seat in public session, where he can question the five petitioners and present up to five witnesses of his choosing; such hearing will take place no earlier then seven days after the membership has been informed of the petition, including its full text, and the place and time of the hearing has been communicated by email.

(C) By a majority of the voting members of the executive, in a recorded vote, may take an appropriate response, limited to: warning, reprimand, limiting access to equipment, suspension, or expulsion with return of membership fees. All decisions made the executive and the results of any votes taken shall be included in the next distribution of club news to members, by email and on the Club website.

The executive may choose not to hold the hearing referred to in section (B), in which case it cannot impose the suspension or expulsion penalties.

Remark: The motion failed due to a lack of support from the members who attended the meeting.

#8: Motion by David Houtman, seconded by Mary-Anne Olivares reads: Carried.
  "Move the motion which dealt with a cancellation of an activity to the next AGM."

The governance committee will be responsible for passing the constitution amendments to the executives and the webmaster.

Election of Officers

Nominations were taken from the floor for each position:

  • President - Raynald Charest - acclaimed
  • Vice-President - Jim Burgess - acclaimed
  • Treasurer - Adam Han - acclaimed
  • Membership Secretary - vacant
  • Executive Secretary - David Gillies - acclaimed
  • Equipment Coordinator - Kevin Marshall Lafleche - acclaimed
  • Hiking Coordinator - Eddie Drueding - acclaimed
  • Cycling Coordinator - Paula Tozer - acclaimed
  • Canoeing Coordinator - vacant
  • Skiing Coordinator - Mary Anne Olivares - acclaimed
  • Snowshoeing Coordinator - Tim Crook - acclaimed
  • Social Coordinator - Anna Gopenko - acclaimed

Recognition Awards (3 of $25(each) gift certificates from Bushtakah)

  • Jim Burgess
  • Valerie Heaman
  • Rob Burnfield

Door prizes (5 of $10(each) and 1 of $25 gift certificates from Bushtakah)

  • Won by 5 club members present at the meeting


The meeting adjourned at 10h00 PM.