Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2007 AGM - Tuesday, 30 October 2007

7:30 pm, Tuesday, October 30, 2007
The Library at Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

Draft Minutes

Executive Present

President - Kexing Liu
Vice-President - Mark Hetherington
Membership Secretary - Sherine El-Medani
Treasurer - Thomas Geiger
Secretary - Judy Flavin
Hiking Coordinator - Eddie Drueding
Skiing Coordinator - Sophie Gabard
Equipment Coordinator - Tim Crook
Cycling Coordinator - Raynald Charest
Canoe Coordinator - Barbara Müller

Members Present (Including executive members)

29 members in total

Call to Order

7:40 pm Call to order

Adoption of the Agenda

Moved by Rob Burnfield and seconded by John Galbraith. Carried.

Approval of Minutes of AGM 2006

Moved by Eddie Drueding and seconded by Raynald Charest. Carried.

President's Report

The President thanked the members and trip leaders for their support, along with the volunteers who support other activities 2006 AGM created a mandate for this executive to spend club funds on equipment, publicity and training, and advances in these areas were made and are described in the reports to follow. The relationship with Hostelling International has been renewed. Recruiting trip leaders has been a challenge and the incoming executive need to make this a priority, along with faster issuance of membership cards and ongoing work on the website to make it more user-friendly.

Activity Reports

Brief activity reports were included in the meeting materials previously distributed.

Hiking Co-ordinator - Eddie Drueding reported a good season, with many new faces. Bobby Mont Sion was thanked for leading a hike almost every two weeks.

Skiing Co-ordinator - Sophie Gabard reported that the season began December 31, 2007 and included 22 day trips and 2 moonlight trips and three multi-day trips. John Galbraith was thanked for his efforts for trip organizing.

Snow-Shoeing Co-ordinator - Claire Dormann reported a successful season, noting snow-shoeing on weekend trips and a moonlight snow-shoe.

Canoeing Co-ordinator - Barbara Muller reported a good season from mid-May to mid-September, with Jawaid leading many of the outings. The season saw several canoe camping trips, courses, a full-moon paddle and a canoe meditation.

Cycling Co-ordinator - Raynald Charest reported a season from May 9 to September 29, with 20 day trips and two weekend trips, plus a safety clinic.

Equipment Co-ordinator - Tim Crook reported that new snowshoes and canoe equipment were acquired and provided a list of the club's equipment for canoes and winter activities.

Membership Secretary - Sherine El-Medani reported there were 237 members, about the same as last year, including about 100 new members and 15 Hostelling International members. Some discussion of whether the money spent on publicity has yielded a good return on new membership. A report on whether new membership has increased can be made in the spring 2008, when the advertising campaign will be nearing a one-year completion.

Vice-president and Publicity - Mark Hetherington described the work of the Marketing Committee, outreach to members for marketing ideas, and work on the OHOC bulletin.

Treasurer's Report

Thomas Geiger presented the 2007 budget. The 2007 budget reflected income of $7882 from all fees, and spending of $10,438. Arrears of $470 were reported, to reflect money owed to Harris Farm from the 2006 program. A deficit is also proposed for 2008 to lower the club's reserves, to a level more in keeping with the levels supported by the club's constitution. The 2008 budget proposed spending of $9,370 against income of $8000.

Approval of 2007 - 2008 Budget

Moved by David Houtman and seconded by Kwong So.Carried.

Approval of Membership and Activity Fees

A proposed 2008 fee schedule was presented. No change was proposed for the regular membership fee of $30 but a small reduction is proposed for Hostelling Internal Canada - Ontario East Region member fees ($22). Fees for evening activities were proposed to be waived because of the lack of time available in the evening to collect fees and multi-day trip fees changed to a flat rate per trip to make it clearer than a per-day fee.

Moved by Lorraine England and seconded by Raynald Charest. Carried.

Report by Hostelling International Ontario East Representative

Greg Brockmann, regional director of operations, said the hostel had changed and improved its product, resulting in an increase in overnight guests and longer stays. However, the hostel’s costs also are increasing. He encouraged club members to be positive in their relations with hostel staff, consider volunteering with the hostel or fundraising for a hostel project, and market the club's activities to hostel guests.

8:30pm - Break

Election of Officers

No nominations were received before the meeting or from the floor. The 2007 executive was returned by acclamation:

President - Kexing Liu
Vice-President - Mark Hetherington
Membership Secretary - Sherine El-Medani
Treasurer - Thomas Geiger
Secretary - Judy Flavin
Hiking Coordinator - Eddie Drueding
Skiing Coordinator - Sophie Gabard
Equipment Coordinator - Tim Crook
Cycling Coordinator - Raynald Charest
Canoe Coordinator - Barbara Müller
Snowshoe Coordinator - Claire Dormann

Constitution Amendments

Proposed Constitution Amendments

Three amendments were proposed.

Part 1

Including 5 places:

Constitution: Article 5- Amending Formula


Remove "pre-paid 1rst class mail or".

By-Laws: Article 1, Section 2- Membership Dues


Remove the second sentence; which states "Only members in good standing as of October 1, 2006, who have chosen the mail option, may continue to receive notification of meeting and other information by regular mail (CANADA POST)."

By-Laws: Article 2, Section 1- Annual General Meeting


Remove "pre-paid 1rst class mail or".

By-Laws: Article 2, Section 2- Special Meetings


Remove "pre-paid 1rst class mail or".

By-Laws: Article 3, Section 7- Membership Secretary


Remove the word "mailing" and replace it with "sending".

Rationale: minor 'house keeping' changes to reflect the fact that no OHOC member uses snail mail any more.

Motion to adopt the amendment moved by Sophie Gabard and seconded by Shaelah Riddell. Carried.

Part 2

By-Laws: Article 6, Section 1- Conduct of trips

Create d) "Trip deposits are not normally refundable, however, the deposit amount and refund policy for each trip will be at the trip leader's discretion and will be stated in an announcement."

Rationale: This change would provide flexibility to trip leaders, make their job easier and provide clarity to everyone. It also reflects the reality better.

Discussion of the need to change the website, which now says refunds are available with sufficient notice. Also discussion of risk created by refund policy, to trip leaders who put $1500 to $2000 on their VISA to support a trip, and whether the constitution needs to address this subject at all. Proposal that the executive committee prepare a policy.

Motion to adopt the amendment moved by Lorraine England and seconded by Mark Hetherington. Lost on a 9 to 14 vote.

Part 3

By-Laws: Article 2, Section 1 - Annual General Meetings

(a) The Annual General Meeting shall … and any proposed motions. The agenda …


(a) The Annual General Meeting shall … and any proposed motions. "The notice shall include the Treasurer's financial report and the proposed budget for the upcoming year and any other documentation pertinent to the meeting which is available." The agenda …

Rationale: The amendment proposes that the financial report and proposed budget would be included in the notice of the AGM that must be provided at least three weeks before the AGM to all members. The intent is to make sure all members receive the budget once per year.

Discussion of the difficulty adding the budget to the AGM notice when the financial year end is September 30 and the AGM is in October, creating only a one-week window. Executive could agree to mail out the budget a week ahead of the AGM, without requiring a constitutional change.

Motion to adopt the amendment moved by Kevin Woodley and seconded by Sophie Gabard. Lost on a 5 to 16 vote.

Other Business

The executive is to create a proposed amendment to increase the amount that can be advanced for a trip, from the current level of $300.

Recognition and Awards

$25 gift certificates from Bushtukah were provided to the following persons:

  • Denise Cayer, for organizing social activities
  • Sandrine Kerouault, for assisting with the hotline for several years
  • Paula Tozer, for past work in organizing the yard clean up for several years
  • Robert Rankin for maintaining the supply of signup sheets at the hostel for several years
  • Bobbie Montsion, for leading a large number of hiking trips in 2006-2007
  • Tony Wellman, for past work with the Infocards and their distribution

Door Prizes

The Hostel provided an overnight stay in a private room in a choice of several locations and Bushtukah provided six other prizes.


The meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.