Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2005 AGM - Monday, 17 October 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005
Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club

Executive Present

Thomas Geiger - President
Christina Delguste – Treasurer
Julia Buss - Secretary
Ken Zimmerman – Hiking Coordinator
Raynald Charest – Cycling Coordinator
Sue Bayly – Equipment Coordinator

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:20 PM.

Agenda Amendment

The items Treasurer's Report and Approval of Budget were moved to the beginning of the agenda, directly after the Approval of Minutes from the 2004 AGM.

2004 AGM Minute Approval

Motion by Raynald Charest, seconded by Caroline Robitaille, to accept the 2004 AGM Minutes. All in favour. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report and Approval of Budget

Christina Delguste presented for the Treasurer's Report for 2004-2005 and the proposed 2005-2006 budget. During the 2004-2005 fiscal year, the club had a deficit of $2133.55; however, the overall closing cash balance was $7611.72. The club spent 37.67% of the 2004 of revenue on insurance for the club.

Motion by Rob Burnfield, seconded by Raynald Charest, to accept the 2005-2006 budget with a correction to the "Overall Expenses" line from $7840 to $7850. All in favour. Passed.


President's Report

Tom Geiger reported that there were changes made to the hotline this year in order to streamline its use. Furthermore, there is a new editor for the newsletter and the website continues to be widely used. E-mail updates are being circulated at least biweekly to members.


Raynald Charest reported that the cycling season was slightly shorter than last year. Also, in an attempt to increase participation, Sunday activities were held in July. This format may be tried again in 2005-2006. There was also a July 1st cycling trip and a safety workshop offered. Overall, 22 day trips (2 cancelled) and 5 weekend trips (1 cancelled) were offered during the year. There is a need for more cycling leaders.

Hiking Report

Ken Zimmerman stated that hiking was successful again this year. 63 day trips and 11 weekend trips were offered. A Leader Information Night was held this year as a new initiative to support leaders. 22 people attended. Ken thanked Moira and all leaders for their contributions.

Leadership Weekend Report

John Galbraith discussed the two Leadership Weekends held during the 2004-2005 year. New leaders attending the weekend are required to lead one activity during the following year. A leadership weekend is scheduled for November 2005 and tentatively for Spring 2006.

Equipment Report

Sue Bayly stated that all canoes have now been purchased from the hostel. OHOC now owns 10 canoes. Additionally, new equipment acquired includes waterproof flashlights, tarps, a bike pump and a bike rack. She suggests that next year OHOC purchases new snowshoes.

Social Coordinator

Denise Cayer mentioned that new guidelines for the Social Coordinator were put in place during 2004-2005. These rules mandated that there should be a maximum of three activities that are not associated with an outdoor activity per month and that social activities should not conflict with outdoor activities.

Denise also expressed concern that members who do not have e-mail access may not get information about social activities. It was suggested that members be encouraged to use the buddy system to obtain information if they do not have e-mail access.

Other Coordinators

The Snowshoeing, Skiing and Canoeing Leaders were not present to make reports.

Election of Officers

President – Thomas Geiger. Acclaimed.

Vice-President - Robert Albota. Acclaimed.

Membership Secretary – Julia Buss. Acclaimed.

Treasurer - Christina Delguste. Acclaimed.

Secretary – Jo Buss. Acclaimed.

Hiking Coordinator – Mariann Forro. Acclaimed.

Skiing Coordinator - Chris Coupe. Acclaimed.

Equipment Coordinator – Position Vacant.

Cycling Coordinator – Raynald Charest. Acclaimed.

Canoe Coordinator – Kexing Liu. Acclaimed.

Snowshoe Coordinator – Caroline Robitaille. Acclaimed.

Constitutional Amendments

A motion was made to amend the constitution. The following change to Article 5 was proposed:

CURRENT WORDING Constitution: Article 5 - Amending Formula

(1) Notification of the time and place of the meeting will be sent to all members at least three weeks prior to the meeting by pre-paid 1st class mail or email, including the purpose of the meeting and any proposed motions.

PROPOSED CHANGE Constitution: Article 5 - Amending Formula

(1) Notification of the time and place of the meeting will be sent to all members at least two weeks prior to the meeting by pre-paid 1st class mail or email, including the purpose of the meeting and any proposed motions.

Motion by Sue Bayly, seconded by Julia Buss to accept the above change to the constitution. All in favour. Passed.

Recognition Awards and Thank-you

Ken Zimmerman and Mag Carson were recognized as members who have contributed a great deal to the club over a long period of time.

Thomas Geiger thanked the outgoing executive and all other volunteers for their dedication to the club.

Door Prizes

John Bishop was awarded with a 2006 OHOC membership.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.