Ottawa Outdoor Club

Minutes - 2002 AGM - Wednesday, 9 October 2002

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club

Officers Present

Ken Zimmerman- President
Joan Ryan - Treasurer
Nancy Lee - Canoe Coordinator
Robert Albota - Vice-President
William Creelman - Snowshoe Coordinator
Erik Weibust - Hiking Coordinator
Ron McKinnon - Equipment Coordinator
Moira Duchesne - Secretary
Alison Jones-Seguin - Skiing Coordinator
Gerry Seguin - Cycling Coordinator


Belinda Briones - Membership Secretary

Call to Order

Meeting call to order at 7:10 pm.

Acceptance of 2001 AGM Minutes. Motioned by Lorraine Parker, seconded by William Creelman. All in favour. Motion passed.


Membership Secretary - Report presented by Nancy Lee. OHOC has 285 members of those 145 are new members.

Equipment Coordinator - OHOC has a new storage room and an outdoor shed organized and built by OHOC members. The 9th floor storage will no longer be utilized to store equipment. There will be a new system to sign-out equipment. Action: New 2003 Executive to get ski equipment sorted out and get rid of old equipment as necessary. Ken to provide an email to members of all equipment available.

Treasurer's Report - Joan presented report.

Hiking Coordinator - Eric thanked all the Leaders who volunteered to lead day and week-end trips, special thanks to Treena Gravet who led 4 week-end trips.

Cycling Coordinator - Gerry presented report. Six was the average number of participants for day trips.

Canoeing Coordinator - New canoeing and camping equipment bought. Canoe Clinic was held in June and recommendation that 2 Clinics per season be held.

Skiing Coordinator - A 170 members participated in activities. It was a good skiing season with good participation.

Snow Shoeing Coordinator - Snow shoeing Clinic at beginning of the season was successful. OHOC bought 4 new snowshoes.

Social Coordinator - Various social activities were organized. Robert thanked all of those who participated.

President's Report - There was a 30% increase in membership, with 36 week-end trips, 2 leadership Training courses, the new shed was built, various Clinics offered to the members. Ken thanked all the Executive members for their involvement and participation. Nancy and Ken presented Certificates of Appreciation to outgoing Coordinators.

Ottawa Hostel - Wade Kirkpatrick spoke about the changes and growth within the Ottawa International Hostel. He thanked Ken and Nancy Young for work in spreading the news about the Hostel.

  • Memorandum of Understanding with Hostel - Copies of the agreement were distributed. Reduced parking fee is 5$. (Correction: 2nd page #5 should read…OHOC agrees to pay the OHI $4.00 for each OHOC Member).
  • Motion to accept MOU by Jim Fraser, seconded by Lorraine Parker. All in favour. Motion passed.

Budget - Joan presented 2002-2003 proposed budget.

  • Motion by Jim Burgess to accept budget, seconded by Jim Fraser. All in favour. Motion passed.
  • Canoe Rental Fees - Discussion around rationale behind no-rental fees versus re-instating rental fees. Members voted to have canoe rental fees for canoe trips except Evening Paddle.

Election of Officers

  • President - Ken Zimmerman. John Galbraith motioned, seconded by Lorraine Parker. Acclaimed.
  • Vice-President - Robert Albota. Ken Zimmerman motioned, seconded by Joan Ryan. Acclaimed.
  • Membership Secretary - Belinda Briones. Joan Ryan motioned, seconded by Ron McKinnon. Acclaimed.
  • Treasurer - Joan Ryan. Diane Vaillancourt motioned, seconded by Ken Zimmerman. Acclaimed.
  • Secretary - Moira Duchesne. Diane Vaillancourt motioned, seconded by Nancy Lee. Acclaimed.
  • Equipment Coordinator - Sue Bayly. Nancy Lee motioned, seconded by Ron McKinnon. Acclaimed.
  • Hiking Coordinator - Vacant.
  • Cycling Coordinator - Lorraine Parker. Joan Ryan motioned, seconded by Moira Duchesne.Acclaimed.
  • Canoeing Coordinator - Nancy Lee. Sue Bayly motioned, seconded by Diane Vaillancourt. Acclaimed.
  • Skiing Coordinator - Vacant. Allison will organize schedule until a new Coordinator is designated.
  • Snow Shoeing Coordinator - Danielle Bertrand. Joan Ryan motioned, seconded by Alison Jones-Seguin. Acclaimed.

Other Business

Constitution Amendment Number 1

CHANGE     BY-LAWS Article 3, Section 5 -Treasurer


(e) The Treasurer is authorized to advance a maximum of $200.00 for individual OHOC trips. However such advances may not exceed a total of $800.00 at any given time.

(e) The Treasurer is authorized to advance a maximum of $300.00 for individual OHOC trips. However such advances may not exceed a total of $1500.00 at any given time.  In addition, the Treasurer is authorized to advance a maximum of $200.00 to the Membership Secretary to cover mail out costs.

Rationale for the change

The current advance does not always cover the deposit required of the Trip Leaders. Increasing the advance will allow for a broader list of destinations. Increasing the total outstanding will allow for more concurrent trips during peak season.

Steve Jackson motioned to accept changes, seconded by Marie Reine Fournier. All in favour. Motion passed.

Amount for Canoe Rental Fees - Members voted to charge $3.00 for canoe rental fees per person per day.

Purchase of new canoe - Nancy Lee motioned that OHOC purchase a new Grumman canoe for a maximum of $1,000.00 to be taken from Reserve Fund. Sue Bayly seconded. Members voted to accept motion.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Jim Fraser, seconded by Gilles Charbonneau. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.