Ottawa Outdoor Club

About the Ottawa Outdoor Club

The Ottawa Outdoor Club operates exclusively for the benefit of its members, who are all volunteers. It has a constitution and an executive. It holds an annual general meeting (AGM), whose minutes are available. Updates to Club policies are decided at the AGM and at board meetings throughout the year.

Some events, such as the AGM and some weekend trips, happen every year at around the same time.

Please note that all OOC equipment is to be used for Club activities only. Some equipment carries a rental fee.

So that we can focus on OOC activities, the Club does not advertise other groups. Combined activities with other groups may be considered.

The Ottawa Outdoor Club was originally known as the Ottawa Hostel Outdoor Club (OHOC). At its November 2010 AGM, the Club changed its name, since it is no longer based at the Ottawa Jail Hostel.