2012 AGM - Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The following documents related to the 2012 AGM are available:

Agenda - 2012 AGM


OOC 2012 Annual General Meeting
7:00 pm, Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Sandy Hill Community Centre

  1. Approval of 2011 AGM Minutes
  2. President's Report - Raynald Charest (3 minutes)
  3. Activity Reports (2 minutes each)
Hiking Coordinator: Eddie Drueding
Cycling Coordinator: Paula Tozer
Canoeing Coordinator: Mark Glaisher
Snow-Shoeing Coordinator: Tim Crook
Skiing Coordinator: Mary-Anne Olivares
Equipment Coordinator: Kevin Marshall-Laflèche
Membership Secretary: Jim Fraser
  1. Treasurer's Report and budget:  Louise Hale


  1. Election of Officers:  Thomas Geiger

Nominations for each position:

President: Open
Vice-President: Open
Treasurer: Open
Membership Secretary: Jim Fraser
Executive Secretary: Shahram Lotfi
Equipment Coordinator: Kevin Marshall-Laflèche
Hiking Coordinator: Eddie Drueding
Cycling Coordinator: Open
Canoeing Coordinator: Mark Glaisher
Skiing Coordinator: Mary-Anne Olivares
Snowshoeing Coordinator: Open
Social Coordinator: Anna Gopenko
  1. Motions for Constitution Amendments:  Dave Houtman
  2. Recognition Awards:  Raynald Charest
  3. Hotline (keep or cancel):  Raynald Charest

Activity Report: Cycling Co-ordinator, Paula Tozer - 2012 AGM

Season: April 14, 2012 to September 29, 2012.

Day trips:  19

Weekend trips:  2 - Sandbanks and Kingston (Wolfe Island)

Number of Participants: Between 3 – 10, average of 5- 8


OOC had a successful cycling season with day trips scheduled most Saturdays and two weekend trips. The weather cooperated for the most part. There were no participants for the first day trip on April 14 and the day trip September 22 had to be postponed due to poor weather.

Finding leaders continues to be a challenge.  I was able to fill gaps in the schedule myself by leading 7 day trips and co-leading the day trip to Morrisburg.

I am pleased that the traditional cycling trip to Prince Edward County was offered Labour Day weekend and was well attended.

A copy of season trip schedule is attached.  [Not available]


The early spring in 2012 prompted some pressure to begin the cycling season early.  However while I was able to schedule a trip for April 14, but there were no participants.  I would not recommend to start the cycling season before early May.


I would like to thank all of the leaders who volunteered their time to lead cycling activities. However special thanks to Hilary Seddon and Helen Apouchtine who each lead a weekend trip and a day trip. Also, special thanks to Raynald Charest who along with his duties as Club President led 4 day trips.  

Also, a big thanks to Rob Burnfield for keeping the web site up to date.

Prepared by:

Paula Tozer
OOC Cycling Coordinator (October 18, 2012)

Activity Report: Skiing Co-ordinator, Mary-Anne Olivares - 2012 AGM

Season:  January 2, 2012  to March 11, 2012

Weeks:  11 (7 of which had two ski trips per Sunday)

Trips:  Total of 18 day trips

Moonlight:  3 Saturday evenings combined with snowshoing

Weekend trips:  3

Participation:  Well attended


OOC had a successful, albeit shortened ski season for the 2011/12 winter season.  Unfortunately, we did not have sufficient snow for skiing until after Christmas, and the snow quickly departed in March.

As the new ski coordinator, I made a concerted effort to have a fullsome schedule with a variety of levels and trails to appeal to a wide variety of participants.  Specifically, we had two special introductory ski day trips in January for novice skiers which were extremely well attended.  As a result, the ski outings were a great success. 

Again, we had the traditional weekend trips to Harris Farm in January, Val David in late February and Tremblant in early February with a new location at the Auberge du Coq.  I am glad to report that everyone survived and is doing well following the Tremblant trip as there was a ski  accident and a few other unfortunate personal mishaps.  Let’s hope this will not happen in the new season!

There were three Saturday evening combined ski/snowshoe moonlight outings and potluck.  They were as popular as ever, with food and fun which made for three wonderful evenings.


I would like to thank all the leaders who supported the program and lead outings.  The response was well appreciated.  In particular, I would like to thank John Galbraith and Helen Apouchtine for leading the weekend trips, and to Marie-Reine Fournier in leading one of the introductory ski trips.

Also, many thanks to Rob Burnfield for updating the website, filling in many blanks, and making useful suggestions to the trip descriptions.

Prepared by:

Mary-Anne Olivares, OOC Ski Coordinator, October 2012

Activity Report: Equipment Officer, Kevin Marshall Laflèche - 2012 AGM

Inventory as of 30 September 2012

  Number 2011 oct 2012 oct
Canoes and Canoe Equipment
Canoes  10 10 10
Canoe racks 2 2 2
Boat bumper   1 0
Paddles (mostly wood)      
Extra long (red) 4 4 4
Long (blue) 11 10 10
Medium (green) 16 16 16
Yellow  5 5 5
Short (White) 2 2 2
Extra short (red & white) 2 2 2
Yokes   5 5
Throw bags with flashlight in box 8 7 8
Regular ropes with flashlight in box     2
Large throw bags 2 2 1
Misc. length ropes 19 19 18
Misc. Canoe Shed Items      
Misc. bailers 22 11 10
Canoe equipment bags 8 8 8
Power cord 1 1 1
Multi pronged power outlet 1 1 1
Floating safety rope 1 1 1
bag of AA batteries 1 1 1
Food barrel 1 0 1
Flashlights (regular) 3 5 5
Flashlights (wind-up) 7 1 1
Backpack (large-red/black colour) 1 1 1
Canoe transport foam cushions (Large) 47 5 5
Canoe transport foam cushions (Small)   44 44
Canoe knee pads     2
Tarp 1 5 4
Mesh Bags   6 6
Dry bag   1 1
Work light for canoe shed     2
Bowl of Carabeners & whistles     1
Padlocks     4
Bag of Ropes     1
Sanitizing kit     1
Canoe seats     3
Life Jackets      
Fluid brand- Extra large 3 3 3
Fluid brand- Medium 5 5 5
Fluid brand- Small 7 7 6
Endurance- Large 1 1 1
Endurance- Medium 3 3 3
Endurance- Small 1 1 1
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-adults 6 6 4
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-youth 1 1 0
Buoy-o-buoy life preservers (ties around neck) 3 3 3
Buoy-o-buoy jackets-small     3
Mustang Jacket - youth 1 1 1
Stearns- Medium 1 1 1
Keep a float(brand)-Medium 1 1 1
Trekk Marine -XXL 1 1 1
ExtraSport-XL     1
Canoe Accessories      
Canoe Tie Down straps 29 24 26
Canoe - top straps 14 14 19
Misc. and cleaning supplies
Rake 1 1 0
Broom 1 1 0
Push broom 1 1 0
Bag of garden mulch 1 0 0
Equipment Room Inside the Hostel
Walkie-talkies (should be 5 total)-- 2 Cobra Brand missing 3 3 3
Walkie talkie charger -Missing 0 0 0
First Aid Kits- (should be 5 total)--2 missing 3 4.5 3
Water filter kits 2 2 2
BBQ Grill- missing 0 0 0
Projector screen 1 1 0
Tripod 1 1 0
Wax kit 1 1 1
Small Bicycle panniers 2 0 0
Bicycle racks- 1 missing  3 0 0
Bicyle pump 1 1 0
Green tarps 2 noted above 4
Laundry basket     2
Camping Equipment
Foamy mattress 1 1 1
Therma -rest chair support- ( to attach to a mattress) 1 0 0
Plastic water jugs 2 0 0
Pots- 4 missing 1 1 1
Pans- 1 missing 1 2 2
Ladel-1 missing 0 1 1
Spatulas- 2 missing 0 2 2
Spoon (strainer)   1 1
Kitchen hand mop   1 1
Pot holder   2 1
Canoe Roof rack     2
Canoe DVD     1
Plastic pair- Small 3 0 0
Wooden pairs-small (more like medium) 3 0 3
Wooden pairs-large 3 3 2
Metal pair 1 1 1
Plastic Pair- Large 3 0 0
Tubbs pair- Small 4 4 4
Tubbs pair- Large 1 1 1
Atlas pair-Small 4 4 4
Atlas -Large 1 1 1
Snow & Mountain pair- Large 3 2 2
Yuba pair-large 1 1 1
Skis (pairs) and poles
Fischer- no binding 1 0  
SNS binding type 2 0  
NNN binding type 3 0  
Fischer- skate ski-partially delaminated 1 0  
Salomon binding Elan 1 0  
3-pin binding style 12 0  
Ski poles (pairs) 14 0  
Walking poles 3 0  
Ski boots
Alpina brand XL 1 0  
Rossignol-L 1 0  
Saloman 411- L 1 0  
Adidas -size 11-3 pin 1 0  
Northstar- XS-3 pin 1 0  
Fels- Size 8 1 0  
Telemark-M -3 pin 1 0  
Size 42 no -name 1 0  
Size 40-no-name 1 0  
No-name -blue-approx size 5 1 0  
No-name -blue-approx size 5 1 0  
Skilom-Large- 3 pin 1 0  
Skates- figure- white 1 0 0
Administrative items
Stencil set   1 0
Locker (5x4x2)   1 1
3-Drawer plastic shelving unit   1 1
Bins   3 3

Proposed Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws - 2012 AGM

The amendments to the Club Bylaws that are contained in this PDF document are proposed for acceptance at the 2012 AGM.  There are no proposed amendments to the Club Constitution.

Treasurer's Report: Louise Hale - 2012 AGM

  1. The budget for 2012 and proposed budget for 2013 was presented. This past year we expected a surplus as we have been accumulating funds toward the Online Payment project and we ended up with a surplus. A great deal of discussion at executive meetings about advertising initiatives has gone on but no money has been spent this financial year. The new business cards and the ‘T’ shirts will be paid for out of the 2013 budget. There was no demand for training & development in 2012 which is why only $80 of the budgeted $600 was spent.
  2. The current bank balance for the club is $13,571.80.
  3. It was noted that there is a charge made by PayPal on each transaction and this needs to be added to the budget (? under ON-Line Membership project-200 members*(2.9%*$40) =200*$1.16=$232) and then can be shown as an expense on the spreadsheet. The new treasurer will implement this change.
  4. It is proposed that there be no change to the annual membership fee of $40.00.
  5. Many thanks to Adam Han for all his work as treasurer between October 2011 and July 2012 and to Raynald Charest for his assistance with Excel!!!


Louise Hale

Minutes - 2012 Annual General Meeting

Date & Venue: 23rd October 2012 at SHCC

Presents: 39 members, including outgoing executives





Deadline / Responsible


2011 AGM minutes

After correcting number of members to 186, the minutes of last year’s AGM was approved by Leo Kerner and seconded by Rob Burnfield




President report

No action. Report can be accessed by members on the new website


NA / Raynald Charest


Activity Reports

All the activity reports were presented by coordinators, reports will be accessible by members on the new website:


Snow shoeing and Equipment reports were presented by Raynald Charest


Inventory audit report was requested by John Galbraith if done. Answer is yes, Raynald Charest to ensure it is filed


NA / Raynald Charest



Whether keeping or cancelling the hotline was discussed. Agreed to leave the investigation of the topic to a committee nominated by new executives Jean-François would coordinate with John Galbraith


NA / New Exec.s


Club finance

Surplus of the club bank account was discussed. Expenses like T-shirt, business card and new website and online membership payment will reduce this.

Following actions to be followed:

  • Spending on specialized trainings and general seminars to be investigated by new executives, a seminar is held on 23rd Nov at Gatineau park convention center but cost not covered by Club, Eddie Drueding and Mark Glaisher may be contacted if they want coordinating the research. Message in newsletter to ask for volunteers to do the evaluation ► JF to contact Rob Burnfield
Yes New Executives
  • Coverage, policies and cost of the clubs insurances to be investigated. J-F to read the existing insurance policy and give feedback to next meeting, afterwards decision is made what to do next. Question asked by JF if the insurance covers trips outside Canada.
  • Online membership charges (2.5% of membership payment) to be added to budget overview table ► Done
2012 budget overview was approved by Jim Fraser and seconded by Mary Hicks    


New Executives Election

Following new executives were elected:

  • President:  Jim Fraser
  • Vice president: Jean-François Lauzon
  • Treasurer:  Mary Hicks
  • Membership secretary:  Ken Zimmermann
  • Executive secretary:  Shahram Lotfi
  • Equipment coordinator:  Kevin Marshall- Laflèche
  • Hiking coordinator:  Eddie Drueding
  • Cycling coordinator:  Sue Andrews
  • Canoeing coordinator:  Mark Glaisher
  • Skiing coordinator:  Mary-Anne Olivares
  • Snowshoeing coordinator:  No nominees
  • Social coordinator:  Anna Gopenko




Constitution amendment

Motion 1: voted by majority; approved by Lorraine England, seconded by Leo Kerner

Motion 2: voted by majority; approved by Lorraine England, seconded by Leo Kerner

Motion 3: Voted for by 29, against by 6 and abstention by 3; approved by Raynald Charest, seconded by Jim Fraser

Motion 4: approved by Louise Hale, seconded by Lorraine England




Recognition awards

Following members were awarded for their efforts and contribution to the club’s improvement

  • Rob Burnfield for managing the website
  • Dave Houton for coordinating and leading the Thursday walks
  • Mark Glaisher and Mike McCurrie for canoeing coordination




Additional topics

Arranging an award for Eddie Drueding for his great effort in coordinating the hikes ► To be followed by JF


New Executive

Social night suggested by Anna Gopenko: reiterated that Anna, as social event coordinator, has the authority to decide on organizing the events, including monthly pub nights. She should also coordinate with other activity coordinators, like Thursday evening walks to combine activities together ► Closed


Anna Gopenko